Ad Watch of the Week

Ad Watch of the Week: Mercedes-Benz ‘Chicken’

It’s quite simple really: a single idea, ingeniously presented, showing a whole new dimension to the brand’s personality (plus it’s got dancing chickens!).


Pretty Peerrrfect Potatoes!

“Our tasty potatoes last longer in the sack…stop smiling we know what you’re thinking” is just one of many tongue in cheek headlines created by ad agency Aesop for fast growing potato brand GreenVale Farm Fresh. The TV ad uses witty humour to project the down-to-earth and charismatic personality of the brand.

Featuring two animated potatoes chatting to each other, yes that’s right, the advertising campaign takes place in an imaginary home inside the GreenVale potato bag. The chat swiftly escalates into a witty tongue twister with the two characters agreeing that they are “pretty peerrrfect potatoes, picked and packed in paper.”


Leon Mundey, Head of Marketing for GreenVale, said: “We believe that this ad, which is really good fun but also communicates our key messages of taste and freshness, will deliver a real step change in consumer awareness and growth for the brand.”

It’s great to see a brand have a little fun, you can bag your packet of spuds in Tesco stores and online at Ocado.

The Family Breakfast Project


Cheerios have partnered with The Family Dinner Project to introduce The Family Breakfast Project.

In favour of bringing back traditional family dining, The Family Breakfast Project encourages families to rise, shine and dine together.

The Cheerios site hosts all the tips families need to follow the program, providing a series of conversation starters, advice and themes, even coupons for your second box free.

So if you fancy an easier, more fun and meaningful morning why not download the Cherrios 7 Day Guide today & participate with your family.

Join in the coversation at #FamilyLove


“Selfie”, the word of 2013, but what does it mean?

Dove as part of it’s growing Real Beauty campaign sort to undercover the truth that lies beneath these personal snapshots.

The beauty company looks at a group of teenage girls and the ways we all alter our imagery to establish the perfect, seemingly “natural,” reflection of ourselves.

Watch as the group create a new type of selfie – one that celebrates their unique beauty.


Dove so beautifully continues to inspire women to redefine beauty. Join the conversation on Twitter at #BeautyIs.



Mo Farah fronts Quorn Mince campaign

Quorn has a new 2014 brand ambassador, Olympic double Gold medal winner Mo Farah.

Long distance runner, Farah was revealed as the new face of the brand yesterday for New Year, featuring in a new advertising campaign and sharing tips to Quorn fans on their Facebook page.

A healthy protein source, Quorn is a must for kick start New Year dieters and a personal favourite of mine also.


YouTube top 10 ads 2013

Another year another set of fantastic ads, lets take a look at the UK round up:

10) Sony – “Sound, Vision, Colour, Detail”

9) FIFA 14 – “We Are FIFA 14”

8) Pepsi MAX – “Bus Levitation with Dynamo”

7) PlayStation – “See It First At E3 Teaser”

6) Honda – “Hands”

5) O2 – “Be More Dog”

4) Dove – “Real Beauty Sketches”

3) Three – “The Pony”

2) John Lewis – “The Bear and The Hare”

1) Evian – “baby&me”


Evian baby ad crowned most popular on YouTube 2013

Evian’s “baby & me” advert has been named most popular in 2013 according to YouTube, beating off Dove’s “Beauty Sketches” and Internet Explorer’s “Child of the 90s“.

Clocking over 67 million views and counting, the ad features Evian’s trademark babies, a set of curious big kids and yes some questionable dancing.

How sweet!


KitKat Baby Boogie


So you’ve probably seen Evian’s Roller Babies video — it’s one of the most viral ads of all time, kiddies on skates, can’t go wrong. If you thought that was a bowl of sugar though how about KitKat’s latest adorable stunt?

Racking up more than 2.7 million views since it’s release, this kooky clip made our Ad Watch of the week.


Does this make you hungry for a KitKat?


Super Bowl Ads 2013

The Ravens may have won the game, but the ads stole the show!

Watch the round-up of the US Super Bowl’s top commercials below..

5) Oreo: Cream vs Cookie.. Who’s side are you on?

4) Samsung: Funnymen Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to Samsung HQ to answer the question.. What’s the “Next Big Thing”?

3) M&Ms:  Big Red will do anything for love…. but he won’t do that.. or that.. or that.. or..

2) Jeep: Honouring our Hero’s

1) Tide: Holy shit balls, it’s a Super Bowl pizza stain miracle!

Cheeky Bonus:
Mercedes-Benz: Dropping some serious names

To see the full list of commercials from this years Super Bowl watch them here.

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AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from WaterIsLife, who really puts our ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ into perspective.

With close to 1.5 million YouTube views in little over a week the “First World Problems” anthem is really shining a light on a brilliant organisation that brings vital water supply to third-world countries.

Ad Watch Of The Week!

I will gladly admit that when scouting the tinterweb for ad treats when I came across a bus advert for Danish company Midttrafix I was prepaid for snores.

But surprisingly this advert is honestly hilarious, not only that but it is also very nicely executed with modern slick filming & clever editing.

Have a look..

Giggled didn’t cha :’)

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This week’s ad watch comes from Windows Phone, who shows that advertising doesn’t have to be glum!

AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from American rail company Norfolk Southern showcasing a magical world of make-believe.

I’m NEVER touching ice cream again..

This weeks AdWatch comes from Little Baby’s Ice Cream & we would like to tell them something..

STOP just stop!

Is it just me?

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Adwatch comes from Australia & Bank NAB, rewarding their honest customers rather excessively!!



I would die, I mean literally.

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Ad Watch comes to you courtney of Volkswagen to promote their  Golf R and Jetta GLI model.

The aproach.. Fast vs Fast

Three YouTube stars that believe their talents are extraordinarily fast are buckled up with pro racing driver Eric Norris (YES Chuck Norris’s son) & asked to display their talent before Norris completes a lap.

Reckon they won?

Of course not, that would be a stupid promotion!

#1 Crazy fast talking woman VS Volkswagen Jetta

#2 Crazy Fingers VS Volkswagen Golf R

#3 Crazy Fingers2 VS Volkswagen GLI

Ad Watch Of The Week!




“Pay attention people.. you can upgrade your phone at PHONES4U”

“But I own the Jedward album..”

“…… We’ll still upgrade you!”