Artist Turns Starbucks Cups into Works of Art

Korean artist Soo Min Kim draws the most insanely detailed and perfectly clever scenes on Starbucks cups and displays them as works of art. Most of them feature the brand’s famous mermaid logo and reimagines her within the scenes.

Check out his Facebook page for a lot more, and a selection of some of the best ones below.

Via Kotaku.

How inspiring!


TopShop Bloom

Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship has partnered with design agency NEON to create a beautiful window display with a difference. NEON’s design entitled “Bloom” is composed of 159 individual rose petals which gently rise and fall in response to computer-sequenced pulses detected from bewildered shoppers passing by.

Just what we need during Britain’s freeze a sprinkle of Spring!

Etch A Sketch Pays Tribute

André Cassagnes, inventor of the timeless Etch A Sketch, sadly died last month at the age of 86. Now, the brand’s advertising agency, Team Detroit, have paid tribute to the man that has for many years occupied the world  from a sad state of bordem.

Beautiful, keep sketching,


Campbell’s Soup Creates Limited-Edition Andy Warhol Cans

Well it sure is no surprise that I’m a sucker for some good old vintage packaging & perhaps top of the list? Campbell’s Soup.

Fifty years after Andy Warhol first displayed his 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, Campbell is celebrating the artist with a set of four limited-edition “Warhol-inspired” cans. & well, they look pretty great.

The cans will be sold exclusively at Target stores, USA, for 75 cents each. Which is pretty dam gutting for us Brits so best get starting up that Ebay account, quick!


Heroic Typography


Helvetica is undoubtedly one of the most beloved of the sans-serif fonts, however we don’t often associate it with superhero status.

French graphic designer René Mambembé however had some better prospects for the ever so loved typeface & thus created a collection of graphic designs using each letter of the alphabet to represent a particular superhero or super villain.

Pretty super right? See more of Renés work here.

Oreo Daily Twist

Sometimes a brand comes up with an inventive way to publicise itself & Oreo is certainly no exception. Since mid June the popular biscult brand has established what they call a ‘Daily Twist’ in which Oreo publishes a graphic each day to interlink with that day’s event. Early controversy gave the Daily Twist some unwanted publicity when the first graphic celebrated Gay Pride day with the following graphic that got some serious backlash & some quite frankly disgusting consumer responses.

However Oreo proceeded with the Daily Twist creating a series of celebrational images, the one below honouring NASA’s Mars Rover Landing.










To see all the images Oreo has created & suggest up and coming graphics, check out Daily Twist.


Theft? No Chance!

The ATSS is a Security Company in India that you can be damn sure nobody steals from their clients!

Now I know that the buildings don’t actually look like this but I think you will agree it’s a pretty good metaphor.

These buildings are well & truly LOCKED DOWN.

Disney Dream Portraits

The Disney Dream Portrait series is an ongoing design portfolio created by Annie Leibovitz which features well known faces in the roles of our favourite Disney characters.

Yesterday saw two new portraits posted on Disney’s blog,

the first features bad boy Russell Brand as Peter Pan’s nemesis Captain Hook, looking ever so flamboyant as always.



& the second portrait from the Haunted Mansion attraction features Jack Black, Will Ferrell & Jason Segel as Phineas, Ezra and Gus, better known as the Hitchhiking Ghosts.


You can see more from the collection here.

Wonder who’s going to be the lucky sod who gets to be Beauty.. & the Beast?!

Garbage Never Looked So Goood!


This is a rather pleasant sight isn’t it.. well it is compared to half eaten take-outs & toilet seats you often find in dumpsters!

Luzinterruptus is back with a new spin on garbage which continues their winning streak of urban art displays that highlight environmental issues.

The display which is outside the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur (hard one) in Switzerland was created by collecting 5,000 plastic bags of different size & colour, filed up & piled into a dumpster with lights.

As the final touch, Luzinterruptus gave visitors a floating, illuminated plastic bag for them to take away and carry with them throughout the city, in their words, “filling the sky with small plasticized full moons.” Awwww (: