I’m Sorry

Some of you guys have been asking where I’ve been, well for those of you that are familiar with my bio I’m a student at Sheffield Hallam University and this year has been my last.

So I’ve been crazy busy with a multitude of projects & I’ve found myself with just no time to update you.

However done & dusted, I’ve got far too much time on my hands & I’m ready to keep you upto date with the latest marketing & advertising news.

Stay tuned,



Spain 16-25th July!

Hi Guys!

So in the light of my recent very hectic life I’m finally going on holiday! Tomorrow I’m heading off to Spain where my intentions are entirly superficial as I’m starting to blend into white walls!!

I will update you on all things digital & toni when I’m back!

Come back soon,

Summer!! ☀

 Hi Guys,

So that’s IT, i’ve finished my first year at Sheffield Hallam University & awaiting my grades back for my other two modules now! With all this free time I plan to master Photoshop, take a crack at Maya and make sure I get a bloody good golden tan! (: I have an internship at a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds called CloudSpotting, an AWARD WINNING digital marketing agency for that matter, im there for a month so I hope to gain some real industry experience during my time there! Really excited to be surrounded by industry professionals and get my head down with some work because if I’m perfectly honest I’m missing having some sort of educational use of myself Ü. I’m also going to look into teaching myself some programs in preparation of applying for an American summer camp called Digital Media Academy which teaches kids as young as 6 digital media techniques all around America, so FINGERS CROSSEDD, that would be ridiculous!


Thanks for reading everyone & have a fantastic summer!


Hi Everyone,

I’m officially ONLINE! :D I hadn’t put much thought into blogging my university projects but it came to mind that it may be of interest for those who want to know more about the Digital Media Production course at Sheffield Hallam or simply interested in Digital Media techniques either way I’m going to keep you all updated with my studies and all things digital media!

Thanks Guys,