A Marketing Kinda Christmas

Ah Christmas such a beautiful time of year, family, presents, enough food to feed a zoo, lovely!

Mine was filled with special pressies, a Tassimo coffee machine, a heap of cheeky Disney DVD’s and of course the odd marketing book!



Santy has been pretty good this year!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.



Merry Christmas!

In true Coca Cola style.. wishing you a very Merry Christmas!



Netflix Fireplace, a perfect screening for your holiday

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=n3Vuwop3MGA]

Netflix have created a very convincing little trailer for Fireplace for Your Home.

A yule log fireplace streamed from your Netflix account alongside all the favourite festive tunes, how sweet!

Happy Holidays!

Lonely 85-Year-Old Man Gets Incredible Response to a Personal Ad Seeking a Friend at Christmas

Retired Irish pensioner James Gray has spent the last 10 Christmases by himself, much like almost half a million seniors annually if British charity Age U.K. has its numbers right. Tired of the solitude, Gray, 85, decided to put out a personal ad of sorts, asking for someone to come and have Christmas lunch with him.

Responses were slow until the Irish Post ran a story on Gray, and now he’s getting responses from all over Britain, and even some from America. “It is so touching to me, after all these years alone, to see this response from people,” Gray tells the Post: “I should have done this years ago.”

via adweek

Have you heard? Christmas’ has been cancelled!

The icecaps are melting, and Santa’s very home is in danger.

Greenpeace UK have partnered with Mr. Carson from our very own Downton Abbey to send us an important message this Christmas.

How can you help? Simply add your name alongside thousands of others to the Save the Arctic campaign & maybe just maybe Santy will be jolly good to you this Christmas.



Frozen Cinema

Sometimes, marketing has to get real, this is one of those times. Every winter the life of a homeless person becomes tougher than ever, taking to the streets and enduring freezing cold temperature’s. Is this something you think about? Perhaps not. Well, a German non-profit agency fiftyfifty brought that experience to some unlucky few by transforming a cosy cinema in Germany into the freezing environment that thousands of homeless people experience everyday.

Warmth and shelter, two very basic rights.


The Cookie Engineer

Wieden + Kennedy are simply the masters of creating innovative and damn right crazy characters, perhaps you remember After Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials or the muscles in the brown speedo for Southern Comfort, now make way for David Neevel (a.k.a the cookie engineer).

Portlandia David Neevel actually built a machine to strategically separate the cream from the classic OREO cookie. No jokes folks, this is science.


Best Bus Stop EVER!

If you haven’t considered taking the bus lately, you should think again. This charming stunt at a bus stop proves that using your phone can make your life a lot more exciting.

Mobile tech company Qualcomm were the clever minds behind this fun video. Find out what it’s all about on their Facebook page here.


Nike Run Like Me

Nike Japan combined Facebook with Nike+ and real world running for what they called “a social running experiment”. Runner, Joseph Tame looking dashing left, is one of the famous runners of the Tokyo Marathon, every year he runs with his unique running style and costume. Joseph would run 10 meters every time the campaign’s Facebook Like button was pressed. Nike+ GPS was used to track each run along the way.  In 30 days, Joseph ran an unbelievable 42,000 meters and proved that the Nike LunarGlide+ 4 really does make you run longer.

Catch the video below to see how it worked!


Etch A Sketch Pays Tribute

André Cassagnes, inventor of the timeless Etch A Sketch, sadly died last month at the age of 86. Now, the brand’s advertising agency, Team Detroit, have paid tribute to the man that has for many years occupied the world  from a sad state of bordem.

Beautiful, keep sketching,


KitKat Baby Boogie


So you’ve probably seen Evian’s Roller Babies video — it’s one of the most viral ads of all time, kiddies on skates, can’t go wrong. If you thought that was a bowl of sugar though how about KitKat’s latest adorable stunt?

Racking up more than 2.7 million views since it’s release, this kooky clip made our Ad Watch of the week.


Does this make you hungry for a KitKat?


Finding Your Way to Oz

In collaboration with Disney, Google has launched its latest Chrome Experiment “Find Your Way To Oz” and it’s certainly catching some attention. Putting you in the driving seat, this crazy-cool experience extends the world of Disney’s new feature film “Oz The Great and Powerful” to your browser. Don’t be fooled though, it’s not all yellow brick roads.


Check out a sneak peak here:

Enjoy the ride folks,


Jell-O to Cheer Up San Francisco

Do not fear San Francisco, Jell-O is here! Soon after the Baltimore’s Super Bowl win Jell-O sent out hundreds of its wobbly stuff San Fran’s way. Due to sky fall in five locations on Tuesday the 5th (02/2013), check out the website for your sneak peak of your local (or not so local) drop points.. yum!

digitaltoni.wordpress.com-puddingdropThanks for reading,


Super Bowl Ads 2013

The Ravens may have won the game, but the ads stole the show!

Watch the round-up of the US Super Bowl’s top commercials below..

5) Oreo: Cream vs Cookie.. Who’s side are you on?

4) Samsung: Funnymen Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to Samsung HQ to answer the question.. What’s the “Next Big Thing”?

3) M&Ms:  Big Red will do anything for love…. but he won’t do that.. or that.. or that.. or..

2) Jeep: Honouring our Hero’s

1) Tide: Holy shit balls, it’s a Super Bowl pizza stain miracle!

Cheeky Bonus:
Mercedes-Benz: Dropping some serious names

To see the full list of commercials from this years Super Bowl watch them here.

Thanks for reading :),



Justin’s Nut Money

Now, now this is a tasteful blog..

Ever heard of Justin Gold? No? Well If you haven’t already then it won’t be too long until you do I’m sure. Justin is the CEO & Founder of Boulder based ‘Justin’s Nut Butter‘ and you better believe the guy makes a whole load of the yummy spreads.

Funded from a Local Producer Loan to get his business going, Justin is wanting to give a little something back. Teaming with creative sparks Cause and FX: A Creative Workshop focusing on Justin’s Micro Loan a Month Fund, this partnership has resulted in a nice little motion graphic sequence, telling Justin’s nutty story.

Thanks for reading kiddas,


Explorer wants Children of the 90’s

Children of the 90’s, do you remember all the awesome things from your youth? Was Internet Explorer one of them? No? That’s OK. It was there amid the slap bracelets and the hippos that were so hungry they were hungry, hungry. Microsoft wants you to remember that time with delight and nostalgia, and cringe a little, too—a cringe that says, “My god, did I really waste my youth playing pogs?” Yes. Yes, you did. Unless you weren’t even cool enough for pogs, like me. Either way, you grew up and grew past all that. And Internet Explorer would like you to know that it did, too. I miss when trolls were nothing more than fluffy-haired dolls.

Via AdFreak


Experience The Pi

In a word.. “brilliant”. This little stunt was made in France to launch the new The Life Of Pi movie. The premiere private projection took place in a somewhat unusual location in Paris where the audience was presented with quite an exceptional set-up  No uncomfortable spongy chairs but a swimming pool filled with cosy lifeboats boats, yes I know, amazing.


AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from WaterIsLife, who really puts our ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ into perspective.

With close to 1.5 million YouTube views in little over a week the “First World Problems” anthem is really shining a light on a brilliant organisation that brings vital water supply to third-world countries.

Introducing.. Cadbury Dairy Milk with OREO

Wow, I have a few questions regarding this latest arrival..

First, why has this taken so long?!


Okay, so maybe Chocolate Week has sent me a little loopy, but I sure am hyped about this little beauty.

Kraft Foods the owner of both Cadburys Dairy Milk & Oreo have combined the two to create.. wait for it.. Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo.. had no idea did you?!

Available from the 8th of October, the combination “introduces a unique and playful tablet containing a creamy filling with crunchy pieces of Oreo cookie, coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. With both the Oreo and Cadbury Dairy Milk currently in growth the new product aims to boost sales for treat occasions”.

I would however state that although Cadburys have supposedly been pushing the product to 3 million consumers online, I had to find out from the boyfriend, that.. what can I say knows me VERY well.

Now if this isn’t the perfect way to celebrate Chocolate Week then heck I don’t know what it would take!




Nestlé Will Find You!

Now then, didn’t think you would find a GPS in your KitKat now did you?!

Nestlé’s latest “We Will Find You” campaign at first sounds like some creepy paedophile, but give it a minute &  you will see theres some potential here..

Six Nestlé chocolate bars in the U.K. have been equipped with GPS trackers that when opened, send a signal to the Nestlé prize team who WILL, track you down & give you £10,000.

KitKat’s anyone?!