Ad Watch of the Week

Ad Watch of the Week: Mercedes-Benz ‘Chicken’

It’s quite simple really: a single idea, ingeniously presented, showing a whole new dimension to the brand’s personality (plus it’s got dancing chickens!).


AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from WaterIsLife, who really puts our ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ into perspective.

With close to 1.5 million YouTube views in little over a week the “First World Problems” anthem is really shining a light on a brilliant organisation that brings vital water supply to third-world countries.

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This week’s ad watch comes from Windows Phone, who shows that advertising doesn’t have to be glum!

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Adwatch comes from Australia & Bank NAB, rewarding their honest customers rather excessively!!



I would die, I mean literally.

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Ad Watch comes to you courtney of Volkswagen to promote their  Golf R and Jetta GLI model.

The aproach.. Fast vs Fast

Three YouTube stars that believe their talents are extraordinarily fast are buckled up with pro racing driver Eric Norris (YES Chuck Norris’s son) & asked to display their talent before Norris completes a lap.

Reckon they won?

Of course not, that would be a stupid promotion!

#1 Crazy fast talking woman VS Volkswagen Jetta

#2 Crazy Fingers VS Volkswagen Golf R

#3 Crazy Fingers2 VS Volkswagen GLI

Ad Watch Of The Week!




“Pay attention people.. you can upgrade your phone at PHONES4U”

“But I own the Jedward album..”

“…… We’ll still upgrade you!”



Hi Everyone,

I’m officially ONLINE! :D I hadn’t put much thought into blogging my university projects but it came to mind that it may be of interest for those who want to know more about the Digital Media Production course at Sheffield Hallam or simply interested in Digital Media techniques either way I’m going to keep you all updated with my studies and all things digital media!

Thanks Guys,