Nescafé Inspires Shared Moments

Reading the morning paper can be quite lonely & those crowded commutes and emails on the go can make it pretty difficult to inspire readers to lift their eyes and interact with those around them. Nescafé however have constructed a newspaper advertisement that’s equipped with two foldable mugs packed with instant coffee.

Encouraging readers to unfold the paper mugs, fill them with hot water and share their moment with someone around them, Nescafé’s social experiment is a refreshing example of how brands are capable of reintroducing simple social elements such as sharing a cuppa back into consumer culture.


Evian baby ad crowned most popular on YouTube 2013

Evian’s “baby & me” advert has been named most popular in 2013 according to YouTube, beating off Dove’s “Beauty Sketches” and Internet Explorer’s “Child of the 90s“.

Clocking over 67 million views and counting, the ad features Evian’s trademark babies, a set of curious big kids and yes some questionable dancing.

How sweet!


Justin’s Nut Money

Now, now this is a tasteful blog..

Ever heard of Justin Gold? No? Well If you haven’t already then it won’t be too long until you do I’m sure. Justin is the CEO & Founder of Boulder based ‘Justin’s Nut Butter‘ and you better believe the guy makes a whole load of the yummy spreads.

Funded from a Local Producer Loan to get his business going, Justin is wanting to give a little something back. Teaming with creative sparks Cause and FX: A Creative Workshop focusing on Justin’s Micro Loan a Month Fund, this partnership has resulted in a nice little motion graphic sequence, telling Justin’s nutty story.

Thanks for reading kiddas,


Fancy Some Sweat Flavoured Skittles..

Who is this advert aimed at..? Seriously.

All I know is that this does not make me want to rush to the corner shop for a “taste of the rainbow”.

Katy Perry Really Likes Those Popchips..

Oh Katy, why must you put us through this?

You’ve got it folks Katy Perry is the new face for PopChips, following the iconic footsteps of sex on legs Ashton Kutcher & P. Diddy (or whatever his name is nowadays). Looking ever so flamboyant as we would of course expect!

We can’t deny though she looks like she’s having a whole lot of camera fun here & not to be a pessimist the vibrant use of colour and tongue & check approach is actually pretty cute!

But lets me serious if Katy Perry eats PopChips she wouldn’t be paper thin, either that or they have gone straight to her t*ts.

AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from American rail company Norfolk Southern showcasing a magical world of make-believe.

Some Pretty Smelly Marketing

Listerine took no hostages in its latest campaign, insulting the noses of pedestrians in Hong Kong this week.

Revisiting the old school methods of marketing Listerine gave a flipbook to those passing by which featured a beautiful girl sending a kiss your way however you might not be so tempted after your hit with a wifty onion smell.

Yep & this is why we all need to use mouthwash folks, although one has to wonder how many onions it actually takes to fend someone off? either way I don’t intend to try it.

Levissima Water Anyone? Be sure to wear your snow coat!

Levissima Water want to let YOU know that their water is best served COLD.

Whats the best way to show that you might ask?

Get aload of Italians to endure a blizzard in order to get one!

Well played Levissma


Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Adwatch comes from Australia & Bank NAB, rewarding their honest customers rather excessively!!



I would die, I mean literally.

Fantastic Delites.. How far will you go?!

Genius marketing campaign by Fantastic Delites!

How far will people go for a free snack? Watch the clip to find out..



Those amusing Aussie’s!

Integrated Project

Hi Guys! :)

I thought I’d do a few posts about my April hand in projects as part of my Digital Media Production 1st year assignments. Here as you can see above is one of those. We where placed into groups of four which consisted of individuals across different media courses here at Sheffield Hallam. Within our group we had myself, Kirstie Smith from Animation BA, Phil Johnson from Animation & Visual Effects and also Rob Hudges who also studies Animation & Visual Effects. Our assignment was to create a marketing campaign through any form of media that would represent the re-establishment of the new logo for Sheffield Hallam Univeristy. Therefore as a group we decided to create a little commercial which represented key areas of study within a university.

I hope you guys enjoy!