How Far Would You Go?

Delites rice snacks test consumers perseverance all for a free sample and of course a few giggles. Shoppers were asked to queue up for ridiculously long periods of time, even when there was no one standing ahead of them, to get a bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

After making folks wait and then navigate a winding maze at an outdoor mall, ice rink and getting consumers all wet and wild in a pond, Delites has proven as it has many times before, consumers will go pretty far for a tasty freebie.

I wonder what challenges they’ll come up with next..


As You Dreamt It

BMF is a creative agency based in Australia that have collaborated with top photographers & dream analysis’s to re-create people’s recurring dreams through design & analysis.

The website allows users to read through people’s dreams, read what the dream doctors think about the craziness & also have a look through the digital reinterpretations.

Some very unusual, creepy & creative stuff!

Take a look at more examples & give some a read here

Ad Watch Of The Week!

This weeks Adwatch comes from Australia & Bank NAB, rewarding their honest customers rather excessively!!



I would die, I mean literally.