Would You Cook With Coke?

cookwithcoke - digitaltoni
Venturing through the bookshelves at my local bookstore I came across something quite unusual.. the familiar red colour, bubbles and fancy font but what’s it doing in the baking section?

Yes, the beloved beverage has proven itself more than just a tasty drink but capable of spicing up your favourite foods too including everything from cakes to curries.

Dubious to try it myself, one savvy blogger went for the “Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake”.

colacake - digitaltoni
credit: keepupwiththejohnsons.com

Looks pretty, but does it taste good? I doubt it, in my opinion if your going to bake a chocolate cake, just stick to chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

The book also reveals the compelling history of the iconic drink including the stories behind some of Coca-Cola’s classic ads.

Whether your a Cola fan, collector or crazy baker, I’d say give this one a read and if you dare cook, bake and marinade with Coca-Cola.



Film Making Turns Sweet

Most defiantly one of the most tummy rumbling filmed recipes I’ve ever seen!

Now I know that this isn’t a cooking blog & in actual fact non of you really want to cook a plum cake but the filmmaking alone makes this video quite credible (or so that’s my excuse). French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard made a tantalising job here.. & I don’t know about you but I think dessert tonight calls for something hot, sweet & scrummy!