Artist Turns Starbucks Cups into Works of Art

Korean artist Soo Min Kim draws the most insanely detailed and perfectly clever scenes on Starbucks cups and displays them as works of art. Most of them feature the brand’s famous mermaid logo and reimagines her within the scenes.

Check out his Facebook page for a lot more, and a selection of some of the best ones below.

Via Kotaku.

How inspiring!


Oreo Daily Twist

Sometimes a brand comes up with an inventive way to publicise itself & Oreo is certainly no exception. Since mid June the popular biscult brand has established what they call a ‘Daily Twist’ in which Oreo publishes a graphic each day to interlink with that day’s event. Early controversy gave the Daily Twist some unwanted publicity when the first graphic celebrated Gay Pride day with the following graphic that got some serious backlash & some quite frankly disgusting consumer responses.

However Oreo proceeded with the Daily Twist creating a series of celebrational images, the one below honouring NASA’s Mars Rover Landing.










To see all the images Oreo has created & suggest up and coming graphics, check out Daily Twist.