Would You Cook With Coke?

cookwithcoke - digitaltoni
Venturing through the bookshelves at my local bookstore I came across something quite unusual.. the familiar red colour, bubbles and fancy font but what’s it doing in the baking section?

Yes, the beloved beverage has proven itself more than just a tasty drink but capable of spicing up your favourite foods too including everything from cakes to curries.

Dubious to try it myself, one savvy blogger went for the “Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake”.

colacake - digitaltoni
credit: keepupwiththejohnsons.com

Looks pretty, but does it taste good? I doubt it, in my opinion if your going to bake a chocolate cake, just stick to chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

The book also reveals the compelling history of the iconic drink including the stories behind some of Coca-Cola’s classic ads.

Whether your a Cola fan, collector or crazy baker, I’d say give this one a read and if you dare cook, bake and marinade with Coca-Cola.



Pretty Peerrrfect Potatoes!

“Our tasty potatoes last longer in the sack…stop smiling we know what you’re thinking” is just one of many tongue in cheek headlines created by ad agency Aesop for fast growing potato brand GreenVale Farm Fresh. The TV ad uses witty humour to project the down-to-earth and charismatic personality of the brand.

Featuring two animated potatoes chatting to each other, yes that’s right, the advertising campaign takes place in an imaginary home inside the GreenVale potato bag. The chat swiftly escalates into a witty tongue twister with the two characters agreeing that they are “pretty peerrrfect potatoes, picked and packed in paper.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNcUihFYrdc]

Leon Mundey, Head of Marketing for GreenVale, said: “We believe that this ad, which is really good fun but also communicates our key messages of taste and freshness, will deliver a real step change in consumer awareness and growth for the brand.”

It’s great to see a brand have a little fun, you can bag your packet of spuds in Tesco stores and online at Ocado.


Freebie Friday


Over the course of three years at Sheffield Hallam University I’ve gathered a substantial amount of graphic designs that at present sit filling up my computer drive. So I had an idea, why not share some of those designs with my friends and followers.

Today’s freebie is a truly fruity countdown, originally used for a healthy eating graphic brief.


(click the image to enlarge)

All my Friday Freebies are completely loyalty free and can be used at your dispense, all I ask is if someone were to ask you where you got it from, you kindly give my blog a shout out.

So if your working on a healthy eating piece, something children based or simply fancy grabbing my design for future keeps, go ahead and download the file below containing all the Photoshop documents and typography you’ll need:

Fruity Countdown Download

Enjoy & remember Freebie Friday is listed here, every Friday!


YouTube top 10 ads 2013

Another year another set of fantastic ads, lets take a look at the UK round up:

10) Sony – “Sound, Vision, Colour, Detail”

9) FIFA 14 – “We Are FIFA 14”

8) Pepsi MAX – “Bus Levitation with Dynamo”

7) PlayStation – “See It First At E3 Teaser”

6) Honda – “Hands”

5) O2 – “Be More Dog”

4) Dove – “Real Beauty Sketches”

3) Three – “The Pony”

2) John Lewis – “The Bear and The Hare”

1) Evian – “baby&me”


A Marketing Kinda Christmas

Ah Christmas such a beautiful time of year, family, presents, enough food to feed a zoo, lovely!

Mine was filled with special pressies, a Tassimo coffee machine, a heap of cheeky Disney DVD’s and of course the odd marketing book!



Santy has been pretty good this year!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.


Jell-O to Cheer Up San Francisco

Do not fear San Francisco, Jell-O is here! Soon after the Baltimore’s Super Bowl win Jell-O sent out hundreds of its wobbly stuff San Fran’s way. Due to sky fall in five locations on Tuesday the 5th (02/2013), check out the website for your sneak peak of your local (or not so local) drop points.. yum!

digitaltoni.wordpress.com-puddingdropThanks for reading,


Justin’s Nut Money

Now, now this is a tasteful blog..

Ever heard of Justin Gold? No? Well If you haven’t already then it won’t be too long until you do I’m sure. Justin is the CEO & Founder of Boulder based ‘Justin’s Nut Butter‘ and you better believe the guy makes a whole load of the yummy spreads.

Funded from a Local Producer Loan to get his business going, Justin is wanting to give a little something back. Teaming with creative sparks Cause and FX: A Creative Workshop focusing on Justin’s Micro Loan a Month Fund, this partnership has resulted in a nice little motion graphic sequence, telling Justin’s nutty story.

Thanks for reading kiddas,


Nestlé Will Find You!

Now then, didn’t think you would find a GPS in your KitKat now did you?!

Nestlé’s latest “We Will Find You” campaign at first sounds like some creepy paedophile, but give it a minute &  you will see theres some potential here..

Six Nestlé chocolate bars in the U.K. have been equipped with GPS trackers that when opened, send a signal to the Nestlé prize team who WILL, track you down & give you £10,000.

KitKat’s anyone?!

Call The Beauty Police

Beauty company Benefit is beloved not only for it’s quality products but for its 60’s swing on conventional beauty & their latest ad certainly doesn’t call for the Barbie girl to promote their latest range.

Calling beauty police Sarah Colonna, busting unassuming pedestrians in the street for beauty infractions & makeup crimes.

“Are you Lady Gaga?”.. “Well what’s up with your face?”

Katy Perry Really Likes Those Popchips..

Oh Katy, why must you put us through this?

You’ve got it folks Katy Perry is the new face for PopChips, following the iconic footsteps of sex on legs Ashton Kutcher & P. Diddy (or whatever his name is nowadays). Looking ever so flamboyant as we would of course expect!

We can’t deny though she looks like she’s having a whole lot of camera fun here & not to be a pessimist the vibrant use of colour and tongue & check approach is actually pretty cute!

But lets me serious if Katy Perry eats PopChips she wouldn’t be paper thin, either that or they have gone straight to her t*ts.

Marketing Disasters

Heres a quick tasty treat for you folks, Watch Mojo‘s top 10 marketing mishaps of all time..

Just proves that what may seem like a good idea at the time can also be a train reck!

Diet Coke Got Sexy

Yep the time has come folks, Coca-Cola took it’s Weight Watcher favourite; Diet Coke, to chief designer Tuner Duckworth who worked his wizard magic into creating some seriously sexy new branding!

In celebration of Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday these limited addition cans will be on sale the 1st of September for what seems to be the foreseeable future.

The redesign seems to be a little bit of a puzzler for me, how can a brand re-design it’s product in such a simple, nip & tuck way, still be instantly recognised, yet look a MILLION times better?

It’s slick, it’s curvy & it’s making me damn right thirsty!

Be sure if your abit of a brand hoarder like me to pick up your commemorative can start September 1st.

Fancy a Freebie?


To celebrate reaching a whooping 50 beautiful followers I’m giving away one of my favourite “marketing” books Made To Stick

It’s a quirky pop culture communication read that looks at exactly why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck. Through clever  compelling analysis and very entertaining anecdotes, we explore precisely how our minds absorb information – and what we can all do to make sure our own ideas register with others..

So whether your interested in marketing or just after a good brain teasing read what have you got to lose exactly?

Now I’m not going to make you jump through flaming hoops or crawl through trenches in order to qualify allll you gotta do is:

1) Follow me Ü

2) Like this post

Hey presto! I will announce the winner Saturday the 8th of September at 12:00pm GBT so be sure to check back, the book might be on way to you soon!!

Super Crunchy Cereal

Crunchy Nut thinks that YOUR cereal is boring & lucky for us there here to save the day!

Dreamed up by Leo Burnett for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal, the zealous masked faux superhero features in new ads for the brand as he prances around NYC in all his masculine glory.

I don’t know about you but If I’m expecting to meet a ‘superhero’ he better look a damn sight hotter in a pair of latex.

Oreo Daily Twist

Sometimes a brand comes up with an inventive way to publicise itself & Oreo is certainly no exception. Since mid June the popular biscult brand has established what they call a ‘Daily Twist’ in which Oreo publishes a graphic each day to interlink with that day’s event. Early controversy gave the Daily Twist some unwanted publicity when the first graphic celebrated Gay Pride day with the following graphic that got some serious backlash & some quite frankly disgusting consumer responses.

However Oreo proceeded with the Daily Twist creating a series of celebrational images, the one below honouring NASA’s Mars Rover Landing.










To see all the images Oreo has created & suggest up and coming graphics, check out Daily Twist.


I’m NEVER touching ice cream again..

This weeks AdWatch comes from Little Baby’s Ice Cream & we would like to tell them something..

STOP just stop!

Is it just me?

Theft? No Chance!

The ATSS is a Security Company in India that you can be damn sure nobody steals from their clients!

Now I know that the buildings don’t actually look like this but I think you will agree it’s a pretty good metaphor.

These buildings are well & truly LOCKED DOWN.

How Well Do You Know Your Brands?

brandseenBrandseen a game app made in San Fran, California challenges YOU to remember and select the correct colour of some of the worlds most recognisable brands using their colour wheel..


& just a heads up it’s actually a little header then you would expect..


I got a steady 68% what did you guys get?

11 Product Names That Mean Unfortunate Things In Other Languages.. Oooops

Every now & then a brand comes along & comes up with a brilliant brand name that gives us a little giggle!

One example is when Mitsubishi decided to name its new SUV the “Pajero,” which translates in Spanish to “wanker.”

Here are 11 more tragic, and completely hilarious examples of product names that really do exist!

1. Pee Cola

This extremely popular soda, which is bottled in Ghana, means “very good Cola,” but we know it as Pee Cola.. yum!

2. Lumia

Brand giant Nokia’s new smartphone actually translates in Spanish slang to prostitute, wonder how many they sell over there..

3. Barf

By far this is my favourite!  In Iran, where this detergent is manufactured, that word means “snow.” Outside of Iran it’s just Barf, which Ironically has ‘Extra cleaning powers’..

4. “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” When you translate Purdue Chicken’s classic slogan to Spanish, it means something slightly different; It takes a, well, hard man to make a chicken affectionate.

5. Fart Bar.

In Polish, where this candy bar is made, the name translates to “lucky bar.” But really it’s just a Fart bar!

6. Aass Fatol

The Norwegians may think they’re just drinking “draught beer,” but the label will almost definitely make the English giggle.

7. Siri. In the Georgian language, the iPhone’s personal assistant software is a rude word for cock. And no, we’re not talking about a rooster.

8. Shito. In Ghana, whoever decided to market these popular hot black peppers using their local name was not, presumably, giving those who consume them a warning.

9. Only Puke(et). On these Chinese-made honey bean chips, the “et” after “Puke” is unfortunately obscured by the packaging design.

10. Chleb Semen. OK, admittedly, perhaps only 14-year-old boys should think this type of Polish bread—which means, literally, “bread with seeds”—is funny.

11. Megapussi. In Finland, these are “extra-large bags” potato chips, but in English these are so much more than that!

Well there you have it! Some brilliantly unfortunate brand names that let’s face it- make us chuckle if only a little!

Familiar Brands & Their Previous Unfamiliar Logos

If I posted a picture of a label-less McDonald’s symbol would you recognise it?..

My bet is that you would!

Well how about this McDonald’s logo..?

I didn’t think so?!

Here are the brand logo’s before they found their identities!


Pretty crazy right?! I’m going to go ahead & say that there’s been some drast improvements here!