Would You Cook With Coke?

cookwithcoke - digitaltoni
Venturing through the bookshelves at my local bookstore I came across something quite unusual.. the familiar red colour, bubbles and fancy font but what’s it doing in the baking section?

Yes, the beloved beverage has proven itself more than just a tasty drink but capable of spicing up your favourite foods too including everything from cakes to curries.

Dubious to try it myself, one savvy blogger went for the “Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake”.

colacake - digitaltoni
credit: keepupwiththejohnsons.com

Looks pretty, but does it taste good? I doubt it, in my opinion if your going to bake a chocolate cake, just stick to chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

The book also reveals the compelling history of the iconic drink including the stories behind some of Coca-Cola’s classic ads.

Whether your a Cola fan, collector or crazy baker, I’d say give this one a read and if you dare cook, bake and marinade with Coca-Cola.



Coca-Cola: The Social Media Guard

Sure we’re all guilty of checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a little too much, but Coca-Cola seems to have found the solution in it’s impressive new invention, the ‘Social Media Guard’.

Shaped like a pet cone, the Social Media Guard pulls people’s attention away from their smart phones and I’m told, cures those pesty social media addictions.

Okay so it’s all a bit of fun, in essence it’s a doggy cone with a Coca-Cola squiggle, but the message is a relevant one.

The Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life.

The takeaway from the commercial, I guess, is that enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola will put you back into the moment and makes it a little less easier to tweet about Grumpy Cat whilst kicking ass on Candy Crush.

Be honest, could you do with one of these…?


Coca Cola Frenzy!

To celebrate London 2012, Coca Cola is offering Great Britain a free Coca-Cola & what a way to get noticed and I can only assume be hit in the face, than building a giant Coca Cola machine in London!

You can grab your free can on Monday the 3rd of September here, it might not be a £1m jackpot but it’s the thought that counts.

Diet Coke Got Sexy

Yep the time has come folks, Coca-Cola took it’s Weight Watcher favourite; Diet Coke, to chief designer Tuner Duckworth who worked his wizard magic into creating some seriously sexy new branding!

In celebration of Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday these limited addition cans will be on sale the 1st of September for what seems to be the foreseeable future.

The redesign seems to be a little bit of a puzzler for me, how can a brand re-design it’s product in such a simple, nip & tuck way, still be instantly recognised, yet look a MILLION times better?

It’s slick, it’s curvy & it’s making me damn right thirsty!

Be sure if your abit of a brand hoarder like me to pick up your commemorative can start September 1st.

How Well Do You Know Your Brands?

brandseenBrandseen a game app made in San Fran, California challenges YOU to remember and select the correct colour of some of the worlds most recognisable brands using their colour wheel..


& just a heads up it’s actually a little header then you would expect..


I got a steady 68% what did you guys get?

Brand Reversions

Noticed something slightly odd?!

Well done you!

Logo designer Graham Smith has put together a series of brand vs brand swap logos which has created a whole load of strange!

See more of Graham’s work here

Very creative.. even if it’s a little creepy!

125th Anniversary Coke Cans From Around the World

As Coca Cola celebrates 125 years, designers all over the world hit the screens to create classic tributes to the iconic brand. With an array of  recent ads and a new launch of Diet Coke later this year, Coca Cola are celebrating in style!

Check out the tribue cans from Britain, Hong Kong, and Serbia

Agency: Peter Gregsen, Serbia:

Agency: Bulletproof, U.K (MY FAVOURITE!!)

Agency: Clot Inc., Hong Kong (with U.K. artist James Jarvis):