Coca-Cola: The Social Media Guard

Sure we’re all guilty of checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a little too much, but Coca-Cola seems to have found the solution in it’s impressive new invention, the ‘Social Media Guard’.

Shaped like a pet cone, the Social Media Guard pulls people’s attention away from their smart phones and I’m told, cures those pesty social media addictions.

Okay so it’s all a bit of fun, in essence it’s a doggy cone with a Coca-Cola squiggle, but the message is a relevant one.

The Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life.

The takeaway from the commercial, I guess, is that enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola will put you back into the moment and makes it a little less easier to tweet about Grumpy Cat whilst kicking ass on Candy Crush.

Be honest, could you do with one of these…?


Brand Reversions

Noticed something slightly odd?!

Well done you!

Logo designer Graham Smith has put together a series of brand vs brand swap logos which has created a whole load of strange!

See more of Graham’s work here

Very creative.. even if it’s a little creepy!

Smart Car Turns Facebook Gallery Into Flipbook

Nowadays, whenever a brand has a great idea for using Facebook, one thing often seems to get in the way: Facebook.

Today’s case in point is Smart Car’s “Tag Your Own Adventure”, which uses a Facebook photo gallery to tell an interactive story about an alien invasion. Simply scroll through the photos like a flipbook to watch the stop motion adventure.

However, the smart idea doesn’t go without it’s hiccups, load screens between the images occur for first time viewers which really breaks the flow of the flipbook in which Smart Car realised a nice awkward statement: “For the smoothest ride, run through the album twice.”  WOW.

Technical issues aside this still remains a good idea so check it out! :)

Smart Car Flipbook

Skippy The Stone Throwing Robot


Ever felt the need to get a robot to skip a rock for you over a river in Idaho..?


Well lucky for us the clever people at Sunshine Valley have allowed us to do just that!!

Between the dates of the 9th to the 13th of July you can log onto a website with your Facebook or Twitter account and get Skippy to skim a rock over the beautiful Idaho lake for you.. now who wouldn’t want to do that?!



Pitbull Faces Alaskan Exile as Walmart’s Promotion Gets Hijacked

Attention, marketers: The Internet can be kind of a dick. Drink too much of the social-media Kool-Aid, and you’ll wake up at the Facebook party with your eyebrows shaved off and profane Sharpie doodles scrawled all over your face.

Case in point: the response to a new promotion by Walmart, Pitbull and Sheets Energy Strips that puts out some truly awful advertising, also starring Pitbull. They’re running a campaign that promises to send the rapper to whichever individual Walmart store amasses the most “Likes” on Facebook over the course of a month. Seems like a fun way to “engage” the denizens of the Web in a “conversation” so you can future-spam them, right? Well, a couple of Internet pranksters have hijacked the process by spearheading an #ExilePitbull effort to send the brand-cozy rapper to the remote environs of Walmart #2711—on Kodiak Island, off the coast of Alaska.

The store has racked up more than 60,000 Likes in a matter of days & employees there seem totally psyched about the possibility of a visit. There’s no guarantee Pitbull will honor the commitment if and when Kodiak wins. (Voting ends July 15.)

Don’t know about you guys but I’m backing this!!







Via Adweek.