Creative Campaign for Lego

Lego art - digitaltoni

It’s a truly creative community cinderella story, in late 2013 Italian designer Marco Sodano received global praise for his creative pixelation of famous paintings remade with Legos.

Catching the eye of the playful brand, Lego commissioned Sodano along with Hong Kong based agency Geometry Global, to produce a new gallery featuring additional iconic works.

Simply called “campaign for Lego”, the four official executions have now become a global guessing game, arising the question; how well do you know your art..?

Fun right, well it sure does beat the old ones..


Familiar Brands & Their Previous Unfamiliar Logos

If I posted a picture of a label-less McDonald’s symbol would you recognise it?..

My bet is that you would!

Well how about this McDonald’s logo..?

I didn’t think so?!

Here are the brand logo’s before they found their identities!


Pretty crazy right?! I’m going to go ahead & say that there’s been some drast improvements here!