Tiny Animals Enjoying Tiny Festivities

Workplace productivity has gone out the window once again thanks to “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog,” the latest time-wasting video from agency HelloDenizen that has first-worlders convulsively hitting replay.

The Los Angeles shop, on a self-promotional odyssey of precious proportions, unleashed “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” in April. It has nearly 8 million YouTube views (though you can watch it below if you’re late to the fiesta). Now the hamsters join their hedgehog pal for a bash that’s racked up 1 million views since launching a week ago.

HelloDenizen’s Joel Jensen describes the new video as an attempt to expand on earlier concepts and add some new layers. The results are mind-meltingly cute. You’ve got itsy-bitsy presents wrapped in fancy paper, itty-bitty balloons, eentsy-weentsy festive hats and widdle whiskers coated in creamy icing as furry faces happily munch away.

This birthday party takes the cake.

via adweek


How Far Would You Go?

Delites rice snacks test consumers perseverance all for a free sample and of course a few giggles. Shoppers were asked to queue up for ridiculously long periods of time, even when there was no one standing ahead of them, to get a bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

After making folks wait and then navigate a winding maze at an outdoor mall, ice rink and getting consumers all wet and wild in a pond, Delites has proven as it has many times before, consumers will go pretty far for a tasty freebie.

I wonder what challenges they’ll come up with next..


Would You Cook With Coke?

cookwithcoke - digitaltoni
Venturing through the bookshelves at my local bookstore I came across something quite unusual.. the familiar red colour, bubbles and fancy font but what’s it doing in the baking section?

Yes, the beloved beverage has proven itself more than just a tasty drink but capable of spicing up your favourite foods too including everything from cakes to curries.

Dubious to try it myself, one savvy blogger went for the “Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake”.

colacake - digitaltoni
credit: keepupwiththejohnsons.com

Looks pretty, but does it taste good? I doubt it, in my opinion if your going to bake a chocolate cake, just stick to chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

The book also reveals the compelling history of the iconic drink including the stories behind some of Coca-Cola’s classic ads.

Whether your a Cola fan, collector or crazy baker, I’d say give this one a read and if you dare cook, bake and marinade with Coca-Cola.


Some Pretty Smelly Marketing

Listerine took no hostages in its latest campaign, insulting the noses of pedestrians in Hong Kong this week.

Revisiting the old school methods of marketing Listerine gave a flipbook to those passing by which featured a beautiful girl sending a kiss your way however you might not be so tempted after your hit with a wifty onion smell.

Yep & this is why we all need to use mouthwash folks, although one has to wonder how many onions it actually takes to fend someone off? either way I don’t intend to try it.

Fancy a Freebie?


To celebrate reaching a whooping 50 beautiful followers I’m giving away one of my favourite “marketing” books Made To Stick

It’s a quirky pop culture communication read that looks at exactly why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck. Through clever  compelling analysis and very entertaining anecdotes, we explore precisely how our minds absorb information – and what we can all do to make sure our own ideas register with others..

So whether your interested in marketing or just after a good brain teasing read what have you got to lose exactly?

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Amazing Photography 2012

Here are some beautiful snaps from an article in the Huffington Post.

Some pretty crazy & inspiring photography, take a look at the slideshow for this years best..

You can see more from the collection here Huff Post ARTS.

Skippy The Stone Throwing Robot


Ever felt the need to get a robot to skip a rock for you over a river in Idaho..?


Well lucky for us the clever people at Sunshine Valley have allowed us to do just that!!

Between the dates of the 9th to the 13th of July you can log onto a website with your Facebook or Twitter account and get Skippy to skim a rock over the beautiful Idaho lake for you.. now who wouldn’t want to do that?!




The ASA tells brands to OBEY!

Already this year the all empowered ASA have stuck their big fingers out at brands to stop their ‘offensive’ ads hitting our screens, but is it readlly justified..? or are they just being their moany old selves?   YOU DECIDE!


Exhibit A

I’m sure you can tell by the whole load of Red going on here that this was an advert for Kellogg’s Special K campaign. Whats so wrong with it you may ask.. well the ad claimed that the bowl of cereal was just 114 calories however WHOOOPSY clever Kellogg’s forgot to account for the milk in that cereal. The ASA concluded that this ad was therefore misleading to consumers… any bet it was a women!


Exhibit B

So here we have fashion brands American Apparel (left) and David Beckham for H&M. The difference here however as I’m DEFINATLY sure you have already notied is that we were allowed to see David in all his half naked glory however the American Apparel campaign came far from close to air.

American Apparel saw eight of its website ads banned in April, including two seen above, after they were described as “gratuitous…pornographic and exploitative”.  They also said that the ads were “inappropriately exploited and sexualised young women.” Doesn’t everything these days? I’m no feminist and have no particular views against those who are but I don’t take offence to this ad, atleast she hasn’t been Photoshoped to the edge of reality!

Nevertheless, the ASA banned eight of the nine of the images that were complained about and American Apparel were ordered not to use similar images in the future. Naught naughty!


Exhibit C,D & E

So here we have naughty brands L’Oreal, Ryanair & Oreo.

L’Oreal got it’s bottom spanked because the unmistakable beauty Rachel Weisz has been airbrushed to the life of her, concluding in the big boys at ASA labeling the ad as “misleadingly exaggerate the performance of the product.” I think we can agree that one is a fair play, what’s she doing marketing anti-wrinkle cream anyway she’s like 40?

We also have brand Kraft and it’s confectionery product Oreo’s. This hilarious ad features a baby sucking on his mummy boobles with an Orea in hand and slogan “Milk’s Favourite Cookie”. Kraft insisted that the poster was never a brand advert for the cookie but infact leaked from a small agency in South Korea.  The ad created such a chaos that Cadbury’s had to release a public apology to it’s consumers… mare!

Lastly we have racy ads from Ryanair. The ad which can be seen above features a barely clothed air hostess withthe headline ‘red hot fares and crew’.  The ASA received 17 complaints that the ad was sexist, objectified cabin crew and was “offensive and unsuitable” to appear in national newspapers. They upheld the complaints and banned the ads from appearing in the press. I don’t know about you but cheapo’s Ryanair.. half naked women.. I’m just thinking cheap pornography here?!

So it looks like the big boys and girls at the ASA have already had a busy year, protecting us from deceteful calories, half naked women and nipple sucking babies ..

they do half do a good job!