Ad Watch of the Week

Ad Watch of the Week: Mercedes-Benz ‘Chicken’

It’s quite simple really: a single idea, ingeniously presented, showing a whole new dimension to the brand’s personality (plus it’s got dancing chickens!).


Super Bowl Ads 2013

The Ravens may have won the game, but the ads stole the show!

Watch the round-up of the US Super Bowl’s top commercials below..

5) Oreo: Cream vs Cookie.. Who’s side are you on?

4) Samsung: Funnymen Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are called in to Samsung HQ to answer the question.. What’s the “Next Big Thing”?

3) M&Ms:  Big Red will do anything for love…. but he won’t do that.. or that.. or that.. or..

2) Jeep: Honouring our Hero’s

1) Tide: Holy shit balls, it’s a Super Bowl pizza stain miracle!

Cheeky Bonus:
Mercedes-Benz: Dropping some serious names

To see the full list of commercials from this years Super Bowl watch them here.

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