I’m Sorry

Some of you guys have been asking where I’ve been, well for those of you that are familiar with my bio I’m a student at Sheffield Hallam University and this year has been my last.

So I’ve been crazy busy with a multitude of projects & I’ve found myself with just no time to update you.

However done & dusted, I’ve got far too much time on my hands & I’m ready to keep you upto date with the latest marketing & advertising news.

Stay tuned,



Summer!! ☀

 Hi Guys,

So that’s IT, i’ve finished my first year at Sheffield Hallam University & awaiting my grades back for my other two modules now! With all this free time I plan to master Photoshop, take a crack at Maya and make sure I get a bloody good golden tan! (: I have an internship at a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds called CloudSpotting, an AWARD WINNING digital marketing agency for that matter, im there for a month so I hope to gain some real industry experience during my time there! Really excited to be surrounded by industry professionals and get my head down with some work because if I’m perfectly honest I’m missing having some sort of educational use of myself Ü. I’m also going to look into teaching myself some programs in preparation of applying for an American summer camp called Digital Media Academy which teaches kids as young as 6 digital media techniques all around America, so FINGERS CROSSEDD, that would be ridiculous!


Thanks for reading everyone & have a fantastic summer!

Graphics Design Interactive Leaflet

In Design E-Publication ☜ click here to view

Hi Guys! :)

So heres really the last of my project hand-ins for April which is an interactive leaflet for the fictional company ‘Fill The Gap’. I actually just got my grade back for this project which I got a 73 in which is a 1st so I’m dead chuffed with that! :) It’s abit buggy as it’s usually a SWF but WordPress doesn’t seem to like that format but It should still work :)

Enjoy guys,

Graphics Design Leaflet

Hi People :)

So here’s yet another update on my April Digital Media Production hand-ins, here is a leaflet I created as part of my Graphic Design module. Our brief entailed us to chose a brand out of a collection to create graphic products for. The brand I chose was called ‘Fill The Gap’ this fictional brand was responsible for setting up sponsorships for individuals from lower income families to help fund their university experience. Here is one of the graphics that I created for this project.





In Design Leaflet ☜  click here to see the leaflet

Critical Analysis

Hello Again! :)

Heres another update from my April Sheffield Hallam Uni hand in projects. The video you can see above is only a small proportion of hand in pieces for our Critical Analysis project however it does summerise our project as a whole pretty well. Our brief was to create a brand that we could target at student audiences therefore within a small group consisting of myself, Danny Care & Niki Baines we created the student cooking brand.. IndyOven.


Integrated Project

Hi Guys! :)

I thought I’d do a few posts about my April hand in projects as part of my Digital Media Production 1st year assignments. Here as you can see above is one of those. We where placed into groups of four which consisted of individuals across different media courses here at Sheffield Hallam. Within our group we had myself, Kirstie Smith from Animation BA, Phil Johnson from Animation & Visual Effects and also Rob Hudges who also studies Animation & Visual Effects. Our assignment was to create a marketing campaign through any form of media that would represent the re-establishment of the new logo for Sheffield Hallam Univeristy. Therefore as a group we decided to create a little commercial which represented key areas of study within a university.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Stop Motion

Hi Everyone! :)So as part of my integrated project assignment I needed to put together some stop motion clips, so here you can see those results below! These two stop motion clips represent Science & Art in our promotional video clip!

Hope you enjoy!

Graphic Design – ‘Fill The Gap’

Hello again :)

Okay so I’ve had a little change of mind, as you can see on my blog prior I started designing logo’s for a fictional brand called Dis-count Discount – however I found that it was quite difficult to project such a strong issue with a simple logo therefore I decided to change my

brand to one called ‘Fill The Gap’.
This brand as described in my brief is..
‘An initiative seeking local industry sponsorships for students from low
income families’
I hope you like it!Therefore I wanted to create a clean cut logo in a fun font and also an additional ‘badge’ to emphasise the ‘sponsorship’ element of this brand!




As part of our critical analysis assignment this semester we decided to create a pitch for a new interactive cooking game similar to one created by Nintendo “Cooking Mama” however aimed to primarily educational therefore gamification is an important element to consider in order to keep audiences engaged.

Click the document below to see my research into gamification techniques;


Graphic Design Logo

Ok so for our graphic design module we had to choose a fictional brand to represent & create design elements for, so I chose ‘Dis-count Discount’ which is an again fictional brand that aims to bring awareness to child labour in the fashion industry. This is a logo I created in Photoshop that is in development at the moment :)

Hope you like it!

Storytelling Proposal

Digital Storytelling

This is our first take home task as part as our Critical Analysis module this semester!
We where asked a series of questions surrounding our products that we are starting to develop. As a group of 3 we decided to create a website & a video tutorial surrounding student cooking called ‘IndyOven’ :)
If your interested in storytelling & concepts feel free to give it a read.

Flash Showcase


click on the link above to preview my flash showcase :)

This is a collection of different Flash techniques, including motion tweens, shape tweens, flash videos & screen captures which I learnt in my first semester at Sheffield Hallam. If you navigate to my Screen Capture page you can see specifically how I created these techniques & also explain my completed designs



3d Modelling and Animation

Happy New Year Everyone! ☃

This is my 3d work over the Christmas holidays, this includes my Bedroom which was put together by creating individual furniture pieces and combining them (AGES) and also my teddy bear called Ted which was created from scratch using various shapes and pin points :) Both of which was designed and exported in Autodesk 3D Max. 

I actually just got my grade back for this project in which I got a 2.1. Which I am very happy with as I actually found this project quite hard. It took hours and hours of precise pin pointing and faffing around but I think it paid off as I’m quite proud of little Ted! Next job… MASTER Maya :)

Panoramic Images Completed



☚ click to enlarge!


So as part of our photography unit we needed to create four panoramic images and also use one of these to create a 360 interactive panorama using the program Pano2VR :) So for all those who don’t know how to do panoramic images is really simple.. you need a good camera and a tripod for starters and you simply set your camera up and take continuous images rotating on your camera stand to overlap the images by around 30%. Once you have done a full 360 rotation you can then take these images to a computer and build up your panorama. For these images above I used Photoshop and an automatic stitching technique under  Edit>Auto-Align Layers after placing all my images together on one document under different layers.. if you interested in creating your own panaramic images then here is an online tutorial to take you though the steps! 



Thanks guys,  

Digital Media Production Introduction

Hi Everyone,

So for the last 8 weeks the majority of my LIFE has been spent doing this video! Our brief asked us to create a little promotional video aimed at undergrad students who wanted to know more about the Digital Media Production course here at Sheffield Hallam. So this short clip goes through the different modules that are taught during the 1st year, facilities here at Sheffield Hallam & also a little preview of some of the work that I have completed over the last few months here!

* Useful for anyone that wants to take up the course here!

Hope you like it, ♥

Creating Panoramic 360° Image

This was part of my first photography class as part of my practice skills module, we where asked to take several 360° still images to mash together to make one long shot in Photoshop :) This is in preparation for our assignment which entails us to create 4 panoramic shots and one interactive 360 panorama! 

*With thanks to Danny Care whom helped me with this :)

Adobe Encore Menu

This lesson we where working with Adobe Encore for the first time, we where creating a DVD title menu with button’s for practice for our title sequence assignment. This included creating the buttons in Photoshop and transferring these into Adobe Encore to link to individual pages, in this case I linked the buttons to a video clip.

Flash Buttons

Hi Everyone,

So in this lesson we were getting to grips with Adobe Flash! Now I’ve worked with Flash before hand so I know my way around it a little. This time we were creating buttons & movie clips. As you can see I decided to use a charming little image of a kitten, when you click this it then took you to a little movie clip :) 

Adobe Flash ϟ

Yes, I know I wanted this to be about cupcakes aswell BELIEVE ME! :’) but no this is just a short entry to tell you all what I did on my first session using Adobe Flash! We where asked to pen draw a character, put them on a backdrop and make them move! I decided to draw a bee called Betty & she went across a little path were she collected some pollen :) Its not impressive but it’s dam cute!


In our creative industries class we where shown a short animated documentary about a once great animator Ryan Larkin, we where then asked to practice our writing skills by writing an essay on the clip about the different ideological meanings that could be interpreted from the documentary.

I have linked the video below and also attached my essay :)

link to watch here ; http://www.nfb.ca/film/ryan/