Coca-Cola: The Social Media Guard

Sure we’re all guilty of checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter a little too much, but Coca-Cola seems to have found the solution in it’s impressive new invention, the ‘Social Media Guard’.

Shaped like a pet cone, the Social Media Guard pulls people’s attention away from their smart phones and I’m told, cures those pesty social media addictions.

Okay so it’s all a bit of fun, in essence it’s a doggy cone with a Coca-Cola squiggle, but the message is a relevant one.

The Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life.

The takeaway from the commercial, I guess, is that enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola will put you back into the moment and makes it a little less easier to tweet about Grumpy Cat whilst kicking ass on Candy Crush.

Be honest, could you do with one of these…?


Best Bus Stop EVER!

If you haven’t considered taking the bus lately, you should think again. This charming stunt at a bus stop proves that using your phone can make your life a lot more exciting.

Mobile tech company Qualcomm were the clever minds behind this fun video. Find out what it’s all about on their Facebook page here.


KitKat Baby Boogie


So you’ve probably seen Evian’s Roller Babies video — it’s one of the most viral ads of all time, kiddies on skates, can’t go wrong. If you thought that was a bowl of sugar though how about KitKat’s latest adorable stunt?

Racking up more than 2.7 million views since it’s release, this kooky clip made our Ad Watch of the week.


Does this make you hungry for a KitKat?


AdWatch Of The Week!

This weeks AdWatch comes from WaterIsLife, who really puts our ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ into perspective.

With close to 1.5 million YouTube views in little over a week the “First World Problems” anthem is really shining a light on a brilliant organisation that brings vital water supply to third-world countries.

Marketing Disasters

Heres a quick tasty treat for you folks, Watch Mojo‘s top 10 marketing mishaps of all time..

Just proves that what may seem like a good idea at the time can also be a train reck!

Top 20 Ads Watched On YouTube

Heres a nice little round-up courtesy of Adfreak of the top 20 adverts ever watched on YouTube.

& a little heads up you might actually be suprised as to who’s up there..


Olympic Vermin

A slightly alternative (& fury) approach to the Olympic torch relay!

Fantastic Delites.. How far will you go?!

Genius marketing campaign by Fantastic Delites!

How far will people go for a free snack? Watch the clip to find out..



Those amusing Aussie’s!

Bella Meets The Ghetto

Remember the classic days of hand drawn animation, idealistic fairy times & Disney magic..?

There gone.

Yep, that’s right! All this ponsy boy meets girl princess stories are on the down.. and on the up?! take the piss Disney raps.. and if I was to publish any on my blog it’s sure as hell going to be this one!

Well worth those 5 minuets I promise

Think I might have to rake through the old VCR tapes tonight! :)

McDonald’s McMakeOver

Ever wondered why your Big Mac looks barley edible compared to the TV ad.?

Well good on McD’s for revealing how they prep their burgers ready for TV!



Christ! That burger goes through more alterations than Pammy & Jordan combined..

June Top 10 Viral Ads Chart

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 video viral ads surfing the internet.. some of these are hilarious, the others are pure genius.


#10  Hot Pockets Limited Edition

View to date : 1,340,112


#9 Yorkie

Views to date : 1,355,615


#8 Jameson

Views to date : 1,461,262


#7 Pepsi Max

Views to date : 1,559,558


#6 Google

Views to date : 1,569,734


#5 Nike

Views to date : 1,794,000


#4 Rovio (Angry Birds)

Views to date : 2,065,302


#3 Adidas

Views to date : 2,178,302


#2 KLM

Views to date : 3,716,640


#1 Samsung

Views to date :  4,220,413


Creative right?! :)

Top 10 Catchiest Marketing Jingles Of All Time!

Hi Guys!

So research has just come to light of the 10 ten most memorable (irritating) marketing jingles of all time..

The research carried out by food sauce Chicken Tonight, also found that a scary 7% of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted they’ve had a marketing jingle in their head whilst having sex.. WOW.

So heres the rundown in videos :D


#1 Cornetto


 #2 Go Compare


#3 Penguin


#4 Mars


#5 Chicken Tonight


#6 Shake n’ Vac


#7 Club


#8 Webuyanycar

do you reckon they buy any car… -.-


#9 McDonalds


#10 Calgon


I don’t know about you but there’s a few there that I haven’t even heard of & its not like I’m any stranger to TV (:

But I hope you guys enjoyed it..